“The Amazon Superfruit”

The Açaí (Euterpe Oleracea), a little dark violet berry, comes from the açaí zero, a palm tree from the Amazon rainforest. Açaí berries are rich in nutrients and energyizing properties, therefore it earned a place among the superfruits.

Main benefits of Açaí berry:

 Fights free radicals with anthocyanins;

 Contains Vitamins A, C and minerals with a powerful anti-inflammatory effect;

 Includes Omega fatty acids, reduces cholesterol and heart disease risks.

Nutrition Facts

1. High Antioxidant Content. Fights free radicals and helps repairing DNA damage.

2. Rich source of Omega 3, Omega 6,

Omega 9.

Fights bad cholesterol.
3. Rich source of Iron (4% GDA). Improves immunity system.
4. Rich source of Calcium (4% GDA). Maintains healthy bones.
5. Vitamin A (11% GDA). Maintains healthy skin.
6. Vitamin C (2% GDA). Helps improve immunity system.
7. Rich source of Fiber. Improves the intestinal function.
8. High energy input. Ideal for sports.

Acai Berries: What Are the Benefits?

  1. Promotes Heart Health
  2. Stops Bad Cell Proliferation
  3. Aids Weight Loss
  4. Promotes Skin Health
  5. Helps Digestion
  6. Reduces Irritation
  7. Improves Cellular Health
  8. Immune System Booster
  9. Has Anti-Aging Effects
  10. Boosts Energy
  11. Encourages a Healthy Libido
  12. Improves Mental Function

    B.Organic Acai Pulp

    Health Benefits :


    The Amazon Superfruit - Brazilian Acai berry is the super "healthy fruit"

    1. Excellent anti-free radical resistance to stress;

    2. Promote and protect vascular health of heart and palpitations;

    3. Promote digestive health;

    4. Excellent antioxidant capacity;

    5. Construct cells;

    6. Delay aging;

    7. Promote blood circulation;

    8. Healthy skin;

    9. Eye and vision health;

    10. Brain nerve health;

    11. Exercise recovery;

    12. Replenishing physical strength;

    13. Bone health;

    14. Painless menstruation;

    15. Slow appetite to help reduce weight.


    How to prepare:

    1) Drink - Add 200 ml of water and mix together for a healthy drink!

    2) Smoothie - Add your favourite fruits to a blender to make a yummy smoothie! Acai goes well with many ingredients. Be creative!

    *Keep frozen at -18ºC; After opening, consume immediately.

    1. Gluten-free/lactose-free; 2. Free of allergens; 3. No added color/taste;4. Whole pulp is pasteurized; 5. Preservative free.


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